5 Reasons Cycling Is Good for Your Health 

 October 5, 2022

By  Dr. Ann Lauren Marra

cycling health chiropracticYou must make sure you take care of your overall health, and that means exercising regularly. Even though there are plenty of exercises you can perform, cycling is exceptional for your health. If you cycle regularly, you can take care of your heart, increase your overall strength, and take advantage of a healthy outlet for stress relief. What are some of the biggest reasons why cycling regularly is good for your health? Keep reading to find out.

1. Increase Your Cardiac Endurance

One of the top benefits of riding a bike regularly is that you can increase your cardiac endurance. Biking is a cardiac exercise. You will be in continuous motion from start to finish, and your heart will have to keep up. Just like running and swimming, riding a bike can help you increase your endurance, boosting your physical fitness along the way.

2. Boost Muscle Flexibility

Riding a bike is also a great way to increase your muscle flexibility. The motion of pedaling can help you target your tendons and ligaments in your feet, ankles, legs, and hips. By increasing your flexibility, you can reduce your chances of getting hurt in the future, as your body will be able to stand up to different types of stress. To maximize the benefit of biking, do not forget to stretch before you start your ride!

3. Reduce Your Stress Levels

Biking is also a healthy way for you to reduce your stress levels. Today, people are under more stress than they have ever been in the past, and biking provides you with an opportunity to leave that stress at the door. You can get out all of your pent-up energy on a bike instead of turning to an unhealthy vice. When you finish biking, your body should be flooded with endorphins, which will make you feel happy. Then, you can focus on whatever it is that you have to do next.

4. Increase Joint Mobility

Biking is also a great way for you to increase your joint mobility. If you want to increase your range of motion, biking could be a great way to do so. There are several joints that are used regularly when you bike. They include your ankle joints, your knees, and your hips. You may also find yourself using your wrists, elbows, and shoulders. By increasing your joint mobility, you may find that it is easier to walk up and down the stairs, reach for objects on high shelves, and play other sports.

5. Reduce Your Chances of Developing Chronic Illnesses

Finally, biking regularly can also reduce your chances of developing chronic illnesses down the road. When you bike regularly, you can stave off the development of illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Exercising regularly can help you reduce your insulin resistance, which is important for managing your blood sugar levels. By improving your cardiac endurance, you also keep your blood pressure under control. For all of these reasons, you should consider biking regularly to protect your health.

See a Local Chiropractor

Ultimately, these are just a few of the many reasons why cycling is important for your health. If you want to make sure you can ride a bike safely and effectively, you should visit a chiropractor regularly. A chiropractor can take a look at the alignment of your spine while also assessing the health of your muscles, ligaments, and tendons, making sure your body is put in the best position possible for cycling. If you don’t have a chiropractor, please give us a call. We’re here to help and would love serving you and your health care needs!

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Dr. Ann Lauren Marra

Dr. Ann Lauren Marra has been a licensed Chiropractor since 1992. Dr. Ann Marra is also a board certified C.I.C.E Chiropractic Independent Chiropractic Examiner. She graduated from Life University. She is licensed to practice in New Jersey, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.

Dr. Ann Lauren Marra

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